Access Your School’s Pipeline Safety Page

School pipeline safety pages include a map showing the location of the pipeline, an emergency contact number, information about the pipeline and what it transports, and contact information for local pipeline and school personnel. Schools are encouraged to print a copy of the information on their page and to assure that the information is incorporated and referenced in their safety and evacuation plans.


Search for your school by typing the school’s name or your city and state below. Select your school from the list that appears and submit.

You can also view maps of pipelines across the United States using the National Pipeline Mapping System, a Web site managed by the federal government’s Pipeline & Hazardous Material Safety Administration.

Maps, pipeline attributes, and other information provided by the School Pipeline Safety Partnership have been compiled using the best existing sources available at the time of preparation. The School Pipeline Safety Partnership and its affiliates and/or subsidiaries do not guarantee accuracy or assume the responsibility of liability for any reliance thereon. Never use the maps or information provided by this or any other program as a substitute for calling 811 before you dig.