Pipeline Safety Information for Bus Drivers

Did you know? 

  • Over 2.3 million miles of pipelines crisscross the United States transporting gas and hazardous liquids. 
  • Annually, nearly 500,000 school buses travel over 4.3 billion miles, serving over 26 million school-age children. 
  • The average school bus transports 54 student passengers.  
  • Many of the miles school bus drivers travel are on roads running parallel or intersecting with pipelines.  

Since school buses travel over and in close proximity to high-pressure pipelines every day, it is vital that transportation personnel are aware of pipeline safety essentials including:

  • How to identify pipeline locations along bus routes in the communities they serve
  • How to detect a pipeline leak using smell, sight and sound
  • How to properly respond to a pipeline leak along a bus route or school pipeline emergency evacuation
  • How to be vigilant of risks posed to pipelines along bus routes and report or intervene on behalf of student and community safety.  

Many of these topics are contained in sections of our brochure.
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