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School Pipeline Safety Toolkit

The School Pipeline Safety Partnership estimates that approximately one in every 20 schools in the United States is located within a half-mile of a petroleum or natural gas transmission pipeline or aboveground pipeline facility. And yet, pipelines are often overlooked when schools assess risk and create emergency plans.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, pipelines are the safest and most reliable method for transporting energy products across our nation. Although rare, a pipeline leak can occur if a pipeline is damaged. Use this toolkit to help determine if your school is located near a pipeline and to assure that you know the signs of a leak and how to appropriately respond to protect students, staff and facilities.

This toolkit provides specific pipeline safety information and resources to utilize in locating nearby pipelines and including critical pipeline information in your school Emergency Operations Plan.

Who Should Be Aware

All the appropriate staff should be aware of their role in preparing for and responding to pipeline emergencies at their school. This includes school administrators, safety officials, bus drivers and any other key staff at schools located near underground pipelines.

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